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Our Club History
Citronelle Junior Woman's Club

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A Proud Past...A Bright Future

On March 4, 1968, a group of young women met with the President of the Jr. Woman's Club of Mobile and formed the Citronelle Jr. Woman's Club.  Officers were elected at that time and the club was federated by the General Federation of Women's Clubs on April 23, 1968. 
Past Presidents (1968-2002)
Tina Collins
Linda Lee
Betty Mac Turner
Joann Terrell
Freda McDonald
Jeanne Smith
Sandy Wise
Dot Odom
Jane Turner
Clarice Fretwell
Ginger Smith
Jo Nichols
Tweety Miller
Cindy Bethea
Jo Nichols
Darlene Miller
Sissy Cunningham
Debbie Deese
Tammy Tanner
Kathryn Rankin
Christine Purvis (current)