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Citronelle Junior Woman's Club  ~Est. 1968~

"Clubwomen, Meeting the Needs of our Community Through Help and Hospitality" Next meeting - Monday, Feb. 21st, 6:30 Board Members, 7pm all others.  Education Dept. will be hosting and presenting the program at the Pine Cone Cafe. 

Should You join CJWC?  To help you make your decision, we've come up with some answers to some very important questions you should ask yourself:

Who are the Clubwomen?  The club is made up of community-minded women ranging in age from 18-45, from the Citronelle Area and beyond, who have joined together to provide community service through volunteerism.  We have given countless hours and more than tens of thousands of dollars to many community organizations since 1968. 

When does the club meet?  We have a regular business meeting on the second Monday of each month at 7 pm.  We meet at various places throughout the community, with a common place being the First Community Bank Boardroom.

What does it cost in dollars and time?  The annual dues for a new member are $31, and $26 for returning members.  Members are encouraged to support the club's fundraising projects and urged to participate in volunteer service activities, in addition to attending one regular meeting per month. 

Who do I contact?  You can email us with your interest in the club at, or check out our "Members" page to see if you know a club member personally that you may talk to.  Clubwomen are typically invited by a current member to join the club, but feel free to inquire if you wish to become a Junior Club Woman.  If you would like to know more, please get in touch!   

The bumble bee was chosen by President Jean Lynd to be CJWC's symbol during her term in office.  The bumble bee, aerodynamically, should not be able to fly due to its tiny wings and heavy body.  The bumble bee symbolizes what we each can accomplish in life, despite our shortcomings, with God's help! 
Citronelle Jr. Woman's Club is a GFWC Federated Club.  Visit General Federation of Women's Clubs.

CJWC receives "Healthy Money" grant from GFWC & Lilly Centre!!  The "Healthy Money" $200 grant offered by GFWC and Lilly Centre for Women's Health was awarded to CJWC in April.  The money will help CJWC start a new fund - CJWC Breast Cancer Support Fund.  It is a fund that will financially help impoverished women in our community who are diagnosed with breast cancer.  Referrals will come from the County Health Department. 

BUY our Soaps!  If you would like to purchase some of our Breast Cancer Support Fund Soaps, please email Jean at  $5 each bar...5.5 oz glycerin bar comes embedded with pink breast cancer awareness ribbon - not scented- in clear cello bag tied with pink ribbon.